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The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank

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The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank is an excellent investment! It makes the ultimate heirloom seed bank for your community garden, bug-out bag, survival seed bank, or to shelve until needed. The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank is equipped with 26 varieties of non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds (savable seed), including many certified organic and/or heirloom varieties as well. The Producer Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank offers some of the highest germination rates within the industry. All seed is packed within triple-layered, Mylar® envelope with a heavy duty zip-lock seal.

This superior packaging acts as a barrier to both moisture and light- ensuring that your seeds remain fresh until planting. The zip-lock feature allows you to plant some seed now while saving some for later. Your Producer will ship within an FDA approved food-storage container.

You'll be confident in knowing that your seeds are protected from any possible chemical leaching that may occur with PVC, unsafe plastics, or other cheap storage materials you may find with other seed banks. The compact container is also water and rodent proof.

Humble Seed has spared no expense in protecting and preserving your investment! Approx. 26000 seeds per kit. $99.99 ($3.85 per pack).

This ultimate collection of survival seeds would make the perfect gardening gift for the preppers, survivalists, or any dedicated gardeners on your gift list.

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